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January 2008 News

Posted by delta on 31st January 2008

01-02-08 eWeek – Cell Phone Users Tie Up Traffic

01-02-08 National Geographic – Arctic Warming Faster Above Ground Level

01-02-08 NY Times – Oil Hits $100 A Barrel For The First Time

01-02-08 OC Register – Teaching Dispute Leads To Parent Picketing, Student Walkout

01-02-08 SF Gate – California To Sue EPA Over Greenhouse Gas Regulations

01-03-08 SF Gate – Rivalry Over Wireless High-Def TVs

01-04-08 Wired – Scientists Use Sunlight To Make Fuel From CO2

01-08-08 SF Gate – Baltimore Sues Wells Fargo, Accused Of Creating Subprime Crisis

01-09-08 SF Gate – Who Is Likeliest To Get Audited

01-10-08 LA Times – Airwave Auction May Miss Targets

01-10-08 SF Gate – Countrywide Home Loan Delinquencies Rise
01-10-08 SF Gate – Recession Fears, Rising Oil Prices Send Markets Into Tailspin
01-10-08 Wired – Steal This Wi-Fi
01-11-08 CNN – New Rules On Licenses Pit States Against Feds
01-11-08 LA Times – B of A Is In Talks To Buy Giant Lender
01-11-08 SF Gate – B of A Reportedly In Talks To Buy Countrywide
01-11-08 SF Gate – Citi, Merrill On Hunt For More Capital
01-11-08 SF Gate – Fed Ready To Cut Interest Rates Again
01-11-08 SF Gate – Housing Slump, Credit Woes Were Death Knell For Countrywide
01-11-08 SF Gate – Insurers Rip Off Consumers
01-11-08 SF Gate – Unpatched Software Flaws Put PCs At Risk
01-13-08 SF Gate – Odds Are Growing For Economic Recession
01-13-08 USA Today – Childhood Obesity A Lifetime Of Danger
01-13-08 USA Today – FBI Housing Scams More Than Double
01-14-08 National Geographic – Antarctica Ice Loss Faster Than Ten Years Ago
01-14-08 National Geographic – Northeast US Winters Warming Faster Than Other Seasons
01-14-08 SF Gate – Bidders Set For Airwaves Auction
01-14-08 SF Gate – Oil Price Above $94 A Barrel In Asia
01-15-08 CNN – FDA OKs Meat, Milk From Most Cloned Animals
01-15-08 CNN – US Baby Boomlet Bucks World Trend
01-15-08 USA Today – 2007 Was The Warmest On Record For Earth’s Land Areas
01-16-08 SF Gate – Citigroup Posts $10 Billion Loss
01-17-08 SF Gate – Americans Pay For Housing Boom’s Excess
01-17-08 SF Gate – Home Construction Plunged In 2007
01-17-08 SF Gate – New Cyber-Security Rules For Power Cos
01-17-08 SF Gate – Wells Fargo’s Profit Slips To 6-Year Quarterly Low
01-18-08 Wired – The 33 Things That Make Us Crazy
01-20-08 NY Times – Timber Thieves Strike At Heart Of Lands Held Dear
01-21-08 SF Gate – Is A Recession On The Way
01-22-08 LA Times – Stocks Plunge Worldwide
01-22-08 NY Times – World Markets Plunge On Fears Of US Slowdown
01-23-08 CNN – Biofuels May Threaten Environment
01-23-08 National Geographic – Acoustic “Invisibility” Cloaks Possible
01-23-08 National Geographic – Most Captive-Born Predators Die If Released
01-23-08 USA Today – Diabetes Costs USA More Than Wars, Disasters
01-23-08 USA Today – National Parks Robbed Of Heritage
01-24-08 SF Gate – FCC Broadband Spectrum Auction Starts Today
01-25-08 CNN – Researchers Study Coral Threats
01-25-08 LA Times – Big Loans Could Get Cheaper
01-25-08 Technology Review – How To Build A Bionic Eye
01-28-08 CNN – Wall Street Jitters As Uncertainty Continues
01-28-08 SF Gate – Firefox Rises From Ashes Of Abandoned Netscape
01-30-08 eWeek – Clearwire Declares Progress On Sprint WiMax Deal
01-30-08 NY Times – UBS Takes A $14 Billion Write-Off
01-30-08 SF Gate – Climate Change May Cost $20 Trillion
01-30-08 SF Gate – Sprint To Continue IDEN Network
01-30-08 USA Today – Warming Atlantic Worsens Hurricanes
01-31-08 CNN – Internet Failure Hits Two Continents
01-31-08 National Geographic – Warming May Cause Crop Failures
01-31-08 SF Gate – Beware Of Rebate Scams That Seek Personal Data
01-31-08 Technology Review – Cheap Hydrogen
01-31-08 Technology Review – The Rise Of Systemic Financial Risk
01-31-08 Wired – Climate Change Escalating Severe Western Water Crisis

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Doug Varone @ MACC

Posted by delta on 24th January 2008

Spent two days on it and still have no idea…


Work is work man – I’m not an art critic…

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Shanghai Circus @ MACC

Posted by delta on 23rd January 2008

This is just a repeat from last year as far as what I did – but their whole crew changed (everyone, even the talent)…

Just finished striking it and turning the lighting around for todays setup…

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Willie K @ Grand Wailea

Posted by delta on 20th January 2008

Did this one last night – it’s strange for me to see Willie playing without Erick nowadays, but it was a nice change…

Good show, of course…

Tonight there was just a small gig back outside at the Grand, just got done striking it…

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Orthopedics Today @ Westin

Posted by delta on 16th January 2008

This one ran for the last 4 days – just talking heads…

I had a change of pace and ran audio on this one…

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