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Quick Maui Survival Tips

Posted by delta on March 13th, 2011

If you’re really worried,

Water Purification Unit:

You will need to get 2 MRE’s (Meals Ready To Eat) a day per person (minimum) for the duration of the emergency you’re anticipating (get at least a 3 months to be safe). ¬†MRE’s usually come in packages of 12 and the best can be found here:
I would always recommend a combination of the two cause you may want to change up every once in a while (there’s really only 6 different meals per “pack”) and some kids may like some of the main courses, deserts and condiments from one better than the other. They can trade out deserts, etc…

Another important thing is COMM’s (communications). ¬†Powering your iPhone or Laptop may help you get in touch with the world, so you need a small way of charging electrical devices:

There it is, quick and dirty – food, water, and COMM’s should get most of you by pretty well until you can get help. The rest is not so quick and dirty, but I reserve that information for family only…

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